10th Street

VA Medical Center, Carver College of Medicine and UIHC, Carver Hawkeye Arena, Ronald McDonald House, Iowa River Landing, Coral Ridge Mall, Coralville Center for the Performing Arts, Hawkeye Softball Complex, Dental Science Building, Hardin Library for the Health Sciences, University of Iowa Department of Biochemistry

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Number Name
0001Clinton & Washington - Downtown Iowa City
0146Hubbard Park
0263Student Health
0257Newton Road - Parking Ramp
0253VA Hospital and University Hospitals
0245Newton and Lincoln
0241Carver Hawkeye Arena on Elliott
4010Highway 6 and Hawkins
03851st Ave and 2nd Street
40301st Avenue and 5th Street
40406th Street and 1st Avenue - Scotch Pine
40506th Street and 4th Ave
40607th Street and 4th Avenue Place
40707th Street and 6th Avenue
40807th Street and 7th Avenue
40907th Street and 10th Avenue
41007th Street and 12th Avenue
411014th Avenue and 8th Street
412014th Avenue and 9th Street
413014th Avenue and 10th Street
414010th Street and 17th Avenue
416010th Street and 20th Avenue
417010th Street and 10th Street Ct
418010th Street and 22nd Avenue
419010th Street and 23th Avenue
420010th Street and North Boston Way
421010th Street and 25th Avenue


Number Name
4220Coral Ridge Mall
423010th Street and South Boston Way
419110th Street and 23rd Avenue
424023rd Avenue and 9th Street
42509th Street and Oakleaf Street
42609th Street and 21st Avenue
42709th Street and 20th Avenue Place
42809th Street and 20th Avenue
429020th Avenue and 8th Street
430020th Avenue and 5th Street
43105th Street and 18th Avenue - Coral Village
43205th Street and 7th Street - City Hall
43305th Street and 12th Avenue - West Music
43605th Street and 8th Avenue
43705th Street and 4th Avenue
43805th Street and 3rd Avenue
40311st Avenue and 5th Street
0100Softball Complex
0246Dental College
0254Hardin Library
0120Macbride Hall