AM Express

Carver College of Medicine, Hardin Library for the Health Sciences, Dental Science Building, Hawkeye Softball Complex, Iowa River Landing, North Ridge Pavilion, 2nd Street Shopping, Carver Hawkeye Arena

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Number Name
0001Clinton & Washington - Downtown Iowa City
0146Hubbard Park
0263Student Health
0257Newton Road - Parking Ramp
0253VA Hospital and University Hospitals
0245Newton and Lincoln
0241Carver Hawkeye Arena on Elliott
4010Highway 6 and Hawkins
4015Highway 6 and 1st Avenue - Hardees
5010Highway 6 and 6th Avenue
5020Highway 6 and 10th Avenue
5030Highway 6 Park Place Apts
5040Highway 6 and 22nd Ave
5060Commerce Drive and Commercial Park
5070Heartland Drive and Commercial Park - Rockwell Collins
5080Heartland Place and Heartland Drive


Number Name
5100Holiday Road and North Coral Street
5110Holiday Road - North Ridge Park
5120Lynncrest Drive and Holiday Road.
5130Lynncrest Drive and North Ridge Drive
5140North Ridge Drive and Waterford
5150North Ridge Drive and Farrell Drive
5160North Ridge Drive and 12th Ave.
517012th Avenue and South Ridge Drive
034612th Avenue and Liberty Lane
5190Liberty Lane and Holiday Road
5200Holiday Road and 12th Ave.
0350Holiday Road and Oak Lake Park Road
0354Holiday Road and Westview Dr
0360Holiday Road and High Country Road
0366Holiday Road and 1st Ave
40311st Avenue and 5th Street
0100Softball Complex
0246Dental College
0254Hardin Library
0120Macbride Hall