PM Special

Iowa River Landing

No Buses Running




Number Name
40406th Street and 1st Avenue - Scotch Pine
40506th Street and 4th Ave
59106th Street and 5th Avenue - Coralville Central
59206th Street and 6th Avenue
40807th Street and 7th Avenue
40907th Street and 10th Avenue
41007th Street and 12th Avenue
41108th Street and 14th Avenue
5930Northwest Jr. High
59408th Street and 18th Avenue
595018th Ave. and 20th Avenue
416220th Avenue and 10th Street
414110th Street and 17th Avenue
413110th Street and 14th Avenue
522210th Street and 12th Avenue
521112th Avenue and Ozark Ridge
520112th Avenue and Holiday Road
5191Holiday Road and Liberty Lane
5280Holiday Road and Southridge Drive
5290Holiday Road and Waterford
5120Lynncrest Drive and Holiday Road
5130Lynncrest Drive and North Ridge Drive


Number Name
5140North Ridge Drive and Waterford
5150North Ridge Drive and Farrell Drive
5160North Ridge Drive and 12th Ave.
034612th Avenue and Liberty Lane
0350Holiday Road and Oak Lake Park Road
0354Holiday Road and Westview
0360Holiday Road and High Country Road
0366Holiday Road and 1st Ave